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[Buy]: Beech Wood one Truck
Hello, i am a Wood dealer in the south of Germany, near Munich.  i´m interesstet in try Beech Wood 33 cm lengh.  Thank you f...
From: Germany (9/4/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
We are a company from Romania , we are interested to import and distribute pellets . Pls sent us your offer for all types of pellets and pls give us a...
From: Romania (9/4/2022)
Hello I am the Purchasing Manager. We are currently looking for local solution in Serbia for ISPM15 Treatment of pallet from our pool. ...
From: France (9/2/2022)
[Buy]: OSB3
Hello,  I want to enquire about your osb3 you manufacture. I recently stopped using my supplier in Ukraine for multiple reasons and was...
From: United Kingdom (9/2/2022)
[Buy]: Firewood, Briquettes, coal briquettes and Pellets
I'm from a german company that sells firewood. We are looking for a new supplier to deliver firewood, briquettes, coal briquettes and maybe even pelle...
From: Germany (9/1/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
We are looking for a supplier from Ukraine. We are interested in importing and selling your wooden pellets .  Pellets are becoming more...
From: Serbia (9/1/2022)
[Buy]: Hardwood planks
We are interested in purchasing: ASH, OAK, BEECH, WALNUT, sawn into planks. Greetings. ILPOL 03041 ALVITO -FR- Italy  -------...
From: Italy (8/31/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
Hello, we are building product sellers and we would like to distribute pellets in our store. Can you give me the prices for a truck. We are based in t...
From: France (8/30/2022)
[Buy]: Flexible Clothes drying rack
We are looking to produce Flexible Clothes drying rack and we are searching for a manufacturer.   What we exactly need is listed below. Pl...
From: Germany (8/30/2022)
[Buy]: Birch Veneer
 We are reaching out to you as exportunnel to share the details of our order in the below-mentioned LoI.  Product: Birch Veneer Si...
From: Turkey (8/29/2022)
[Buy]: Chipboard and materials for construction
Our company has been exporting/importing all kinds of building materials and related products for twenty years. We need new suppler of chipboard...
From: Germany (8/29/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
We are based in Genoa, Italy, we are looking for a supplier for wood pellets, 50 tons trial to start, contact me please...
From: Italy (8/26/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets and logs
We are a company specialized in import export in France.  Now, we are looking for wooden items (pellets and logs)...
From: France (8/25/2022)
[Buy]: Prefabricated houses
Hello. I want to order prefabricated houses delivered to France. ------------ ------------- -------------- ------------------ ---------...
From: France (8/25/2022)
[Buy]: White Pine and Spruce
I am interesting to buy pine and spruce lumber in large quantity plz contact by email or by whatsup ...
From: United Kingdom (8/25/2022)
[Buy]: Pellet
Hello, we are a french company and we are looking for Pellet. Our need is the following :  Up to 7 truck per week 22 palets in each tru...
From: France (8/24/2022)
[Buy]: A4 paper
We like to buy 7800 reams of A4 paper as followed:  - Economic box  - 7800 Reams Total in one 20FCL (With Pallet)  Grama...
From: Germany (8/24/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
Looking for suppliers of pellets....
From: Hungary (8/24/2022)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
Hi you have availability of pellets to what is the minimum order, thanks. ----------- ------------ ----------- salve avete disponibilita' di...
From: Italy (8/24/2022)
[Buy]: Wood pellets quality A1
We need 24 tons wood pellets quality A1 do you have such one?  kindly regards  ...
From: Germany (8/22/2022)
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