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[Buy]: Playwood
We are interested to buy playwood 18 mm Birch - 13 layers. 2500 x 1250 mm = 250 pcs. Please let me know if you have this quantity on stock so we can b...
From: Bulgaria (5/5/2022)
[Buy]: Firewood
We are looking for new, long term, suppliers. We buy firewood and kindling wood also in the summer season, whole year through.  Please...
From: Netherlands (5/5/2022)
[Buy]: Eucaliptus and acacia chips
I'm interested on eucaliptus and acacia chips. can you offer them ? feel free to revert and I'm available to share more details for your con...
From: Italy (5/5/2022)
[Buy]: Beech wood
Interested in continuous import of beech wood  planed   edged   boards :          length                           ...
From: Azerbaijan (4/30/2022)
[Buy]: Pellet
Request for pellet quotation 24metric tons to Germany DE-31633 Leese.  ------ ----- ---- -------- ----- --------- --------&nb...
From: Germany (4/28/2022)
[Buy]: Black Alder Wood Request
Good morning I'm procurement manager at Group, a historic company with 5 production plants and about 250 employees that for 4 generations has bee...
From: Italy (4/28/2022)
[Buy]: Pine wood pellets
We are sourcing company in France and we are looking for 100% pine wood pellets for our partner now.   Would you please help to update your...
From: France (4/28/2022)
[Buy]: Spruce, pine logs and plank inquiry
Hello, Currently we are exporting a large volume of Spruce and Pine logs from Germany to our partners in Asia. At the moment we are working with...
From: Finland (4/28/2022)
[Buy]: MDF
We need 6,8,12,18 raw MDF  210cm x 280cm  each one 1 truck per month ,1 container   please let me know the prices , than...
From: Turkey (4/27/2022)
[Buy]: Oak posts
Hi I am looking for 6 1.5m x100mm rounded topped oak posts and have been informed you would be the people to help. Hope to hear back soon. Mike Poole...
From: United Kingdom (4/27/2022)
[Buy]: Birch 9/12mm C/C 2440*1220mm Exterior Sanded
Good day! Please send us your offer for Birch plywood, grade C/C sanded, of thickness 9mm and 12mm, also grade BB/BB of thickness 12mm and 18mm,...
From: Estonia (4/27/2022)
[Buy]: Fuel pellets
Fuel pellets Is available? the price, packing on 15 kg...
From: Netherlands (4/27/2022)
[Buy]: Aspen wood
Hello,  We are looking for Clear Aspen wood Class A without knots. Width: 90 or 95 or 100 or 105 or 110 Height; 60 or 70 or 80 mm ...
From: Poland (4/26/2022)
[Buy]: OSB board
We will purchase an OSB board  4 car gr. 22x1250x2500 straight edge 1 car gr. 12x1196x2800 straight edge 2 cars, thickness: 12x125...
From: Poland (4/26/2022)
[Buy]: Bamboo
Looking for supplier bamboo...
From: Poland (4/25/2022)
[Buy]: Pellets
 Hello, I'm associate and We have two selling points in Romania for wood pellets and wood briketts. I request your disponibility to sell wood pa...
From: Romania (4/24/2022)
[Buy]: OSB 9mm, 11mm and 18mm
We are a timber and sheet material importer based in England. We buy approximately 1 load of OSB per month. We buy mixed loads of 9mm, 11mm and 18mm....
From: United Kingdom (4/24/2022)
[Buy]: Birch plywood
Please offer for laser birch plywood BB/CP or CP/CP , MR adeziv 15x1250x2500 and 18x1250x2500 ....
From: Romania (4/24/2022)
[Buy]: Laths 30x50mm spruce or pine and bars of sibirian larch
Hello, I'm looking for a serious company I can deal with.   I'm really interested in laths 30x50mm spruce or pine and and bars in diamond shape m...
From: Germany (4/24/2022)
[Buy]: Rubberwood
I want to import rubberwood from Vietnam. i will be in HCM frrom may 11 to 19th we can meet us? best regards ...
From: France (4/21/2022)
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