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[Buy]: Wood pellets and wood chips
Good afternoon, We are a renewable energy generating plant located in the north of Honduras, and we are interested in buying wood pellets and als...
From: Honduras (6/20/2019)
[Buy]: Teak sawn lumber from Brazil
We have a customer who is requesting us to buy lumber of Teak as follows: ? Tectona Grandis 50mm thick 100mm and wider 2.40m...
From: Brazil (6/9/2019)
From: Mexico (6/5/2019)
[Buy]: Pre-fabricated round home
 I'm in Dominica and am considering building a home of this type made of Greenheart. I am wondering if your company has ever pre-fabricated...
From: Dominica (6/3/2019)
[Buy]: Natural cork
Our company need natural cork. Eau: 1000m2 Width: 1.60m 1.70m . Im in charge of new projects depelopment at Rogers Foam Mexico.   Than...
From: Mexico (5/31/2019)
 Dear Sir, We request KOSSO WOOD: Typical dimensions: Thickness: 20cm - 40cm Width: 20cm - 40cm Length: 200cm - 230cm&nb...
From: Ecuador (5/26/2019)
[Buy]: Smooth pine doors or other wood
I want get the prices of the doors in large quantity. I have a corralon of materials and would like to resell the doors. Maybe you order about 500 uni...
From: Argentina (5/21/2019)
[Buy]: Hardboard
We need hardboard in thickness of 2.4 and 3 mm and 1.52 mx 2.44 m in Chile for retail stores  .....
From: Chile (5/9/2019)
[Buy]: Pine Rotary Cut Veneer
We need rotary cut pine veneer, whole sheets of 1.5mm thickness x 1270mm wide x 2500mm Long We need both face and core quality veneer for pl...
From: Peru (5/3/2019)
[Buy]: Balsamo planks
I want to purchase balsamo planks to finish a flooring project. Can you shop 100 board feet of Balsamo planks to the US? .....
From: Mexico (4/12/2019)
[Buy]: Mahogany-Swietenia Macrophilia wood
We are importer and exporters of machineries and raw materials for furniture manufacturers in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We are interes...
From: Puerto Rico (4/9/2019)
[Buy]: Sandalwood
We??e interested in buying sandalwood, Pls. offer more information and photos to me......
From: Guatemala (4/8/2019)
[Buy]: Oak and teak wood
I work for a company based in Colombia but with international presence, and we are interested in buying dry wood (oak, teak) in large quantities (harr...
From: Colombia (4/3/2019)
[Buy]: Chairs
I am interested in different styles of chairs,  please send your products photos or other details......
From: Belize (4/1/2019)
[Buy]: Tablero tricapa Slopanel
We are interested in Tablero tricapa Slopanel, please can you send me a quotation of the product........
From: Colombia (3/29/2019)
[Buy]: Clear Mistlite Glass
Dear Sir,  We??e looking for a supplier of a product called, Clear Mistlite Glass, HS code: 7003.19.00. Would you have this product ava...
From: Brazil (3/29/2019)
[Buy]: Wood based boards
We are a company located in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico with more than 25 years of experience in the lumber market. We are direct importers of...
From: Mexico (3/21/2019)
[Buy]: Plywwod
My company is located in Peru, South America my company is interesting in plywwod boards, i like to contact to you by whatsapp or email directly to ma...
From: Peru (3/20/2019)
Dears, We are a manufacturer of shelves in Brazil and are trying to find a supplier in China, which can export to Brazil in order to reduce our c...
From: Brazil (3/12/2019)
[Buy]: OAK
We are a wooden pallets and container manufacturer.The materials we actually use are oak and pine and we are looking for more suppliers. Could you giv...
From: Mexico (2/27/2019)
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