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[Sell]: Benin Teak Wood ($250/CBM CNF)
Price: $250/CBM CNF  Available in the following sizes (width x thickness): ?1x1″ ?1x2″ ?1x3″ ?1x4̸...
From: Benin (7/24/2020)
[Sell]: African hardwood and Timber
We have ready supply of hard and soft woods logs and lumber of various species: Iroko,sapeli,mahogany,ebony,teak,talk, doussie,padouk,pachyloba,b...
From: Cameroon (7/14/2020)
[Sell]: Pinewood
I have access to 1000 hectors of 6 meters + pine wood trees  35 years maturity 1/2 meter circumference R1800 per cubic meter  #(NB...
From: South Africa (7/10/2020)
[Sell]: Square logs
C A M LIMITADE /CAM 有限公司 our company established in 2013 in mofambisi sofala province we do export wood and custom clearance offic...
From: Mozambique (7/10/2020)
Black Turmeric available 150 kgs per month eckruger@mweb.co.za.....
From: South Africa (7/7/2020)
[Sell]: African hardwood and Timber for sale
We supply African hard and soft woods logs and lumber of various species iroko,sapeli,mahogany,ebony,teak,tali, pachyloba,padouk,bubinga,Doussie,...
From: Cameroon (7/6/2020)
[Sell]: wood pellets
Pure wood pellets - free chemicals  The manufacture of wood pellets has now become the most important source of renewable energy, and the pellet...
From: Egypt (7/2/2020)
[Sell]: Erythroxylum Platycladum Bojer,Tapiaka/Anakaraka
We have private softwood Forest in the West of Berevo,Besalampy,Malaysia. This places us in the capacity to supply any quantity of the following at yo...
From: Nigeria (7/1/2020)
[Sell]: Hardwood Kiln-dried Sawn Timbers
Teak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Mukwa.....
From: Zimbabwe (6/30/2020)
[Sell]: Tali doussie wood
We can export iroko padouk okoume tali doussie wood....
From: Gabon (6/30/2020)
[Sell]: iroko padouk okoume wood
Exports iroko padouk okoume tali doussie wood and sawn timber...
From: Gabon (6/25/2020)
[Sell]: Supply or tropical sawn timber
We are the state-approved owner of a large forest concession in Cameroon in central Africa and we can supply you with various sawn timber such as PAD...
From: Cameroon (6/18/2020)
[Sell]: Ebony exotic blackwood
Ebony blackwood logs from a new virgin forest for sale in Zambia. Email: martinmaimbolwa@gmail.com or Whatsapp: 260972345965......
From: Zambia (6/16/2020)
[Sell]: Pellets
Our company supplies waste pellets of 8 mm / 6 mm 1 (length 3.15 mm to 40 mm), given the importance of energy supply and demand, in particular the e...
From: Algeria (6/10/2020)
[Sell]: African hardwood and Timber for sale
We supply African hard and soft woods logs and lumber from various species: iroko,sapeli,mahogany,ebony,teak,bubinga,tali,Doussie,azobe,ayous,zingana....
From: Cameroon (6/8/2020)
Our supplier client here in Zambia is looking for buyers of exotic ebony hardwood blocks. For further details please send Whatsapp showing your name,...
From: Zambia (6/2/2020)
[Sell]: Hard and soft woods logs and lumber for sale
We supply african hard and soft woods logs and lumber of various species:Iroko,sapeli,mahogany,ebony,teak,tali, Azobe,bubinga,pachyloba,doussie,o...
From: Cameroon (5/27/2020)
[Sell]: Doussie/ pachyloba and azobe logs for sale
Hi we are searching for customers who are interested in buying timber from us here in Ghana......
From: Ghana (5/21/2020)
[Sell]: FSC-certified pine logs
We are the biggest producer of high quality saw-log in South Africa. We process our FSC-certified softwood pine logs at our sawmilling operations into...
From: South Africa (5/19/2020)
[Sell]: full okoume plywood
This is Shengyang Industrial Joint Stock Co., Ltd  Our Gabon factory's name is SHENG YANG INTERNATIONAL BOIS DU GABON, produce okoume plywood, ok...
From: Gabon (5/13/2020)
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