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[Buy]: Beech wood elements 63, 52 & 38 mm
Requesting quotation for white beech wood elements, grade A 63, 52 and 38 mm...
From: Mexico (9/6/2022)
[Buy]: Panel (cheyene) reclaimed solid
We are looking for supplier of panel (cheyene) reclaimed solid ....
From: Mexico (8/31/2022)
[Buy]: Vinyl flooring
Dears, I’m working at a company in Brazil. We’re looking for suppliers for items we’d like to offer with our brand. I was looking for...
From: Brazil (8/15/2022)
[Buy]: Cotação de woodchips para celulose
I'm looking for eucalyptus wood chips for pulp. Export to China....
From: Brazil (8/14/2022)
Dear Sirs Please receive our greeting, we are contacting you with an inquire for wood pellets for a Customer in Italy, as per the below deta...
From: Mexico (8/10/2022)
[Buy]: Marine plywood
We help other companies with their import and export processes. We are now interested in finding a good supplier for marine plywood.  Please send...
From: Brazil (7/22/2022)
[Buy]: Rattan cord
We are the biggest hardware for furniture importer in Brazil.   I'm looking for RATTAN CORD Could you please send me a FOB quotation/price l...
From: Brazil (7/21/2022)
Hi,  Please can you provide me with a quote for 1500m2 of RED WOOD DECKING,and 1500m2 of CEDAR WALKING RAIL. Let me know if its possibl...
From: Ecuador (7/19/2022)
[Buy]: Application No.: 136-22 Sawn Lumber and Plywood
Dear Mr.:  Our company ALBUR S.A., based in Panama, requests an offer for the following product:  Application No.: 136-22 Sawn Lum...
From: Panama (7/14/2022)
[Buy]: Sawn Ebony Finger Boards
Want to Purchase Sawn Ebony Finger Boards, 10 mm Thick....
From: Brazil (7/7/2022)
[Buy]: Plywood
Looking for a new suppler of plywood, please contact for details......
From: Belize (7/4/2022)
[Buy]: Pine wood log
Hi, please send me wholesale price of pine wood log in Mexico...
From: Mexico (6/8/2022)
[Buy]: Laminate floors
We are looking for new reliable and adequate suppliers of laminate floors to expand our product lines and generate long-term negotiations.  ...
From: Ecuador (6/2/2022)
[Buy]: 1" MDF 49 x 97, 61 x 97 or 49 x 121
We are working on a current project were we will need aroun 1500 shets os some of this material.....
From: Mexico (5/26/2022)
[Buy]: Pine wood
We are a Mexican company in the furniture industry that is looking for a supplier of pine wood which is used in furniture structures. We are intereste...
From: Mexico (5/24/2022)
[Buy]: Piperonyl Butoxide & Pyrethurm
Dear Sirs, we are very interested in acquiring Pyrethrum Refined Extract 50 or 70% and Butoxide from China.   I represent the Empresa T...
From: Mexico (5/20/2022)
[Buy]: Melamine-faced Particleboard
We’re a trading and sourcing company located in Chile and Central America. . We’re looking to quote this following products:  • Melami...
From: Chile (5/16/2022)
[Buy]: Africa Roosewood quote
I need Africa Roosewood , please can you send your informationa about this products?...
From: Dominica (5/14/2022)
[Buy]: Beech elements
We are interested in Beech elements for tool handles.,Please send me a message if you can supply.....
From: Mexico (5/9/2022)
[Buy]: New business relationship
I am looking for pinus and eucalyptus sawn wood from Brazil.  I represent a local importing company called CEDIMACON, which is seeking a lumber d...
From: Dominica (5/1/2022)
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