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  • 46) JSC "SkaiForest" 

  • JSC Skaiforest produces and exports(nearly 80%)square edged sawn timber (spruce, pine) mostly for  building and construction. 3000 cbm per month.  We
    Located in:Belarus
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  • 47) Tabsal 

  • We are a Spanish company, called Tabsal (Grupo Carsal www.carsal.com and www.tabsal.com), that manufactures LignumStrand LSL. LignumStrand is a Laminated Stran
    Located in:Spain
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  • 48) Casa Iancu SRL 

  • Our company's activity providing chemical products for wood industry and timber trade.  We can export all kind of wood/timber/finit products from Roma
    Located in:Romania
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  • 49) Setesdalsveden AS 

  • Setesdalsveden AS has delivered first class birch firewood for the last 10 years.In addition we have delivered exterior and interior panelling to different buil
    Located in:Norway
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  • 50) Plena BiH 

  • Dear,  We are firm Plena BiH d.o.o. located in Sarajevo(RTC Cement), Bosnia.We are part of Plena Holding international firm from Orebro, Sweden (www.p
    Located in:Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • We are exporters, of caribbean Pine, and hardwoods, such as high quality Teak, Mahogany, and many other Logs and Sawnwood from the South Pacific.  We
    Located in:United Kingdom
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  • 52) Dias Usa, INC (daughter of Russia) 

  • We produce logs,sawn lumbers, moldings, blocks, modular houses, and components, engineered woods in Russia (Siberia) and we export this products. We use red pin
    Located in:United
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  • 53) DOCING LTD 

  • We export different type of timber from 1997. At this moment we are exporting more than 35000 cbm / year especially whitewood.
    Located in:Romania
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  • 54) Laatokan Lankku Oy 

    Located in:Finland
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  • 55) Timber Worldwide Ltd 

  • Timer Worldwide Ltd is based in U.K. and exclusively deals with beech and pine timber.Together with our sister company Petrovic Project, based in Bosnia, we pro
    Located in:United Kingdom
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  • 56) Almichim 

  • We are a company from Romania which wants to export timber from beech, fir or oak especially in the Midle East region.
    Located in:Romania
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  • 57) Exsul 

  • Company EXSUL is a member of the holding company WOOD MEL Timber Group, which was founded in 1991 together with Belgian and Russian business partners in Kl
    Located in:Lithuania
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  • 58) DELTA GRUP LTD. 

  • Dear Sir,  We are the biggest timber and log supplier and exporter based in Istanbul, Turkey.  Our aim is to satisfy our customers around the wo
    Located in:Turkey
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  • 59) Senats VS 

  • Experienced lumber exporter. Products: pine, spruce lumber.
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 60) Lesoteka d.o.o. 

  • Rich heritage of our forests, people who live with the forest, professional management of the forest and adaptable production in the forest give us the opportu
    Located in:Slovenia
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  • 61) ARCHER WOOD d.o.o. 

  • We are exporters/producers of processed timber such as European OAK, Beech, Fir, Ash and many other species of hard & softwood. Our main product is European Whi
    Located in:Croatia
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  • 62) Expal s.r.o. 

  • Company Expal s.r.o. is an established company based in Czech Republic with 25 years experience in wood trade / sales and wood manufacturing. Nowadays, we are e
    Located in:Czech Republic
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  • 63) Life Wood BG 

  • The main activity of Life Wood BG is wholesale wood trade for industry, construction and export of these products to the Asian, Oceanian and African markets. Li
    Located in:Bulgaria
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  • 64) Wood-prom, OOO,Wood-prom, LLC portal Metaprom.ru 

  • We deal in freshly cut logs wood.prom.93@inbox.ru we saw them according to customers specification.  Every month we have sales promotion with surprising pr
    Located in:Russia
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  • 65) sconj woodz 

  • The Sconj Woodz Company provides Logs like; Pine Logs, Teak Logs, Oak Logs Beech Logs, Birch Logs Ash Logs etc, We also produce lumber and products manufactured
    Located in:Romania
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