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[Buy]: IPE lumber
 We wish to import top quality IPE lumber for a project in the Bahamas. Approx. 1,500 m3. Will also consider sawn beams and columns.  At this...
From: United States (11/28/2021)
[Buy]: White ash logs
We are seeking as much white ash logs as we can get for export....
From: Canada (11/28/2021)
[Buy]: Teak and red merint logs
We require to teak logs and red merint logs 200 cbm...
From: India (11/27/2021)
[Buy]: Okoume veneer
I want okoume veneer 10 container per month ...
From: India (11/27/2021)
[Buy]: Birch Plywood class BB
We are a UK based manufacturer of van shelving, shepherd huts and kitchens. We are interested in buying Birch Plywood class BB - 75% and B - 25%, 18mm, in quant...
From: United Kingdom (11/27/2021)
[Buy]: Birch Plywood
I work in wood and biomass from several years. We are interested in buy Birch Plywood, for what we have a big market and clients in Portugal and also (at now in...
From: Portugal (11/27/2021)
[Buy]: MDF
Requirement for Pine MDF Sheet....
From: India (11/27/2021)
[Buy]: SPY logs
We are looking for SYP Logs from the USA....
From: Brazil (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: Timber For Building New Home - mahogany timber
I am currently in planning stage building a new timber type hone on one of outer islands in the Cook Islands. I am therefore interested in the mahogany timber p...
From: Cook Islands (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: Oak logs
We have been purchasing the European Oak lumber extensively be it the square edge or logs.  Can you supply us the European Oak in any form that your good compan...
From: Malaysia (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: Wooden handle
Our factory is producer of brushes. We are looking for producers of wooden handles in Brasil ...
From: Russia (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: White wood or Red wood
I m looking to purchase wood for the purpose of manufacturing packaging so I need this specifications   Type of wood : White wood or Red wood  quantity :...
From: Egypt (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood FC and FSF
We are a company from Ukraine that manufactures and sells engineered parquet.  We are interested in plywood for the manufacture of engineered parquet.  Now...
From: Ukraine (11/26/2021)
[Buy]: Furniture
We are looking for a supplier of furniture. Can you send a brochure please with pricing and capacity. Many thanks...
From: United Kingdom (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: Oak wood sleepers
First of all, please advise your input with regards to the supply of the below: 1. Wooden Sleepers (25x15x260 cm) a. QTY: 15,000.00 unit b. Wood Type...
From: Egypt (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: Pine and spruce sawn timber from Russia
Dear sir(s)  Our company is a Portuguese company founded in 1996 and we work in conception and production of wood equipments. we are looking for supllieres of...
From: Portugal (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: Regardin cotton seed cake
We are Indian importers of various products and wanted to import cotton seed cake please advise if you can offer as CNF mundra....
From: India (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: Fancy plywood
Looking for fancy plywood, please contactus. ...
From: India (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: Timber profiles supply
We have businesses in Victoria, Sth Australia, Queensland and Tasmania and we have been spealizing in Joinery for some time, would you be interested in quoting some...
From: Australia (11/25/2021)
[Buy]: Teak wood inquiry
Good day  Kindly quote me the price of teak wood, availability for delivery to Oman, min quantity order, size..  Thanks & Best Regards...
From: Oman (11/25/2021)
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