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[Buy]: Flooring
Looking for supplier of engineered flooring ,bamboo flooring and soild flooring. please urgently South Africa Need stock...
From: South Africa (6/27/2022)
[Buy]: Inquiry for Spruce
The details are below. Commodity: Spruce Logs Species: Coniferous Quality: A/B/C grade, fresh cut, no rot. Treatment: Fumigation Origin: Eur...
From: United Kingdom (6/27/2022)
[Buy]: ASh strips
Looking for ash strips, 25 x 45-60 x 250-500 mm. 400 m3 per month. Fresh sawn Ash frisas: any colour acceptable, without knots....
From: Poland (6/27/2022)
[Buy]: Ash Saw Logs
Ash ABC (in which volume percent is C:20%;B: 45%; A:35%) 40 cm up diameter : 70% ( should include a rate of 50cm, ..to 55 cm) Length : 3m and up (30 cm fre...
From: Vietnam (6/27/2022)
[Buy]: Woodchips
Looking to buy woodchips...
From: Australia (6/27/2022)
We want to import wood pellet in France. Quantity : 20 000 tons per years. Thanks Best Regards...
From: France (6/26/2022)
[Buy]: MDF and flooring
We want mdf and floor products we can take good quantities, no less than 10-20 containers each order. can anybody talk with me on skype or WhatsApp directl...
From: Iraq (6/26/2022)
[Buy]: Exterior door jambs and brick mould
We want to purchase exterior door jambs and brick mould from Brazil.  I was curious how to place orders for similair products in the future.   Thank...
From: United States (6/25/2022)
[Buy]: Beech and oak logs
Hello,  Kindly give us your quote for the following raw materials based on the specifications mentioned below: TYPE OF GOODS (Hardwoods):  70% Be...
From: United States (6/25/2022)
[Buy]: SYP logs
I am interested to buy SYP logs from your company.  5 containers with 40cm+ diameter and length 5900mm CFR Karachi Fumigated Can you supply...
From: Germany (6/24/2022)
[Buy]: Interested in a prefab home
Hi there! I’m interested in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom (bathrooms in the bedroom) .5 bathroom with big windows prefab house to be shipped to Trinidad and Tobago. The l...
From: United States (6/24/2022)
[Buy]: Geronggang Mouldings and Rough Sawn
Our business is looking for a supplier of Geroggang Mouldings and Rough Sawn. ...
From: Australia (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: Ash logs
Like to get quotation for raw Ash log. What is the min and max order? What size do you have? Can you please email price and we can talk in phone to discuss about the...
From: United States (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: African wood - Doussie ,Iroko , Padouk ect.
We are an import export company located in California United States  It is Imen the representative of the company  Kindly We would like to get your offer p...
From: United States (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: White oak lumber
Looking for supplier of white oak lumber....
From: Israel (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: Shredding logs
Hi, do you have wholesale shredding logs? if you always have availability, Contact me at once....
From: Italy (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: Beech wood
 Dear sir, I'm a timber merchant based in India. We require steamed beech wood of grade B of sizes 1 and 1.5 inch. Please send us details about it.  &...
From: India (6/23/2022)
[Buy]: Plywood
Please we want to buy plywood products fromyour comany . If you like, please email us. Thx. ------------- ---------------- ----------------- ------------- -----...
From: Indonesia (6/22/2022)
Our company is a logistics company located in Korea. We're looking for a plywood to use for packing.  Could you provide us with quotation under the CI...
From: Korea, South (6/21/2022)
[Buy]: Sawn wood
Our company are looking for sawn wood- hard / soft wood that can use shoring,lashing choking of coil and steel plate as dunnage. We now in Korea are buy $100,000 per...
From: Korea, South (6/21/2022)
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