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Company: Arkansas Wood Doors, Inc
Since 1977 AWD has been supplying the kitchen & furniture industry with wood doors and wood components throughout the USA, Mexico, and Europe. Other products include Veneer Raised Panels for those companies that manufacture their own doors. We also manufacture Veneer Wrapped Profiles, ie: door rail, face frame, & mouldings.
Location: United States     Tel.: 1-479-968-5486  Fax: 1-479-968-2934 

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Company: Arbor Resources Ltd     star5.gif (691 bytes)
Arbor Resources Ltd is a sawmilling and timber exporter for all sizes and grades of NZ Pine species sawn timber.
Location: New Zealand    Tel.:
(647) 544-4475    Fax: (647) 544-4085

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Company: J. Hauskeller GmbH     star5.gif (691 bytes)
Exporter of european hard-and softwoods, logs and lumber.
Location: Germany   Tel:
0049 4261 3350   Fax:  0049 4261 1738

kern.jpg (10014 bytes)

Company: KERN-TIMBER      star5.gif (691 bytes)
European and US hardwoods, logs and lumber
Location: Germany      Tel.: +494141660308   Fax: +494141660309
eclc.jpg (9951 bytes)
Company: East Coast Lumber Co.     star5.gif (691 bytes)
Hardwood Plywood,Cedar timbers,Pine Radiatia/EWP/Russian.
Location: United States     Tel.: 1-412-931-4109     Fax: 1-412-931-7359
ad-columbia.gif (2089 bytes)
Company: Columbia Forest Products     star5.gif (691 bytes)
The North America's largest manufacturer of hardwood veneer, hardwood plywood and laminated products. Sold through a network of wholesale distributors, mass merchandisers and major OEMs, Columbia Forest Products' decorative, interior veneers and panels are used in high-end cabinetry, fine furniture, architectural millwork and commercial fixtures.
Location: Columbia
logo-wz.jpg (3665 bytes)
Company: WZ INTERNATIONAL      star5.gif (691 bytes)
The leading German - American integrated forest products company and a producer, contract manufacturer and supplier of lumber, plywood, specialty composite panels, engineered wood products, veneer and a wide variety of quality timber manufactured according to customer specification. It also represents European manufacturers of fiber-, hardboard, MDF and a range of specialized wood products.
Location: Germany   Tel:
+49/40/410 62 77   Fax:  +49/40/450 386 91  

linopan.gif (2688 bytes)

Company: Linopan Company
Production of particle board, flaxboard, decorative paper foiled and furniture components
Location: Belgium      Tel.:  Fax:

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Company: Mill Direct Sales
Wood flooring and other timber products.
Location: United States     Tel.: 1-301-439-26431  Fax: 1-301-439-3973

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Company: North Asia Investment Joint-Stock Company           
North Asia Investment Joint-Stock Company (Naco) was found in 1995 with the production and export of wooden products (refined-lacquered floor board, finger-joint Board, furniture..).Our aim is to manufacture high standard products to export to Japanese and European Market.
Location: Vietnam   Tel.: 84-4-8699644   Fax:

star5.gif (691 bytes)

Company: AKXEL Corporation
We are an International Trading and Investment company with a concentration in Timber markets. We can help you sell your timber in the US, Japan, and other major importing countries. Currently we have a large stock of Sawn Beech timber, partially finished furniture, and flooring.
Location: United States     Tel.: 1-434-293-2895   Fax: 1-434-293-2895

star5.gif (691 bytes)

Company: Promex Tv
Parket and dryed and steamed wood manufacturing from beech.
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina     Tel.: 387 65 628 916  Fax: 434-293-2895

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1.FLOORING: A.Solid flooring with oak,maple,and birch.
2.Plywood:2.7/3/9/12/18/24mm*4'*8'/3'*6' with birch and larch and popular;
3.Furniture companents:solid wood and plywood;
4.Fibre board:3/5/7*4'*8';

Location: China      Tel.: 86-411-6843332   Fax: 86-411-6840195

star5.gif (691 bytes)

Company: Mozwood Limitada
Producing our own finished and semi finished products, eg. doors, windows frames, flooring, decking and garden furniture or other products as per specific client requirements. Timber species available, most East African Tropical Hardwoods.
Location: South Africa      Tel.: 27 13 656 5790    Fax: 27 13 656 5665

star5.gif (691 bytes)

Company: PT. SUMINDO
Location: Indonesia
   Tel: 62-741-50480    Fax: