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[Buy]: Survey stake
Good morning, I am looking for a company to buy survey stake to import to the United States. I would like to become your client and I need to know wha...
From: United States (5/5/2021)
[Buy]: Scaffold Plank
Hello Do you sell S4S 2"x10"x10' planks ?...
From: United States (5/5/2021)
[Buy]: Aromatic red cedar cants
I'm looking for aromatic red cedar cants presently. Let me know if you're able to quote these. The normal spec's are 6" x 6" x 8'0" allowing a smal...
From: United States (5/5/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
I am looking to bring plain pine plywood into Canada. The size is 1220mm x 2440mm. The thickness is 18mm. I would be ordering 40 foot containers. Coul...
From: Canada (5/5/2021)
[Buy]: Finger joint panel of rubberwood
Phone: 52 722 522.7615, Hello: Need 600 pc of finger joint panel made of rubberwood 1220 x 2440 x 18 mm at CC grade ...
From: Mexico (5/3/2021)
[Buy]: Prs style guitar
From: United States (5/3/2021)
[Buy]: OSB, I joist, LVL beams, MDF
(16476275337 whatsapp) 400x (51mm x152mm x3048 mm) LSL 200x (7/16, 12mm) OSB 1220 x 2440 60x (3/4, 18/19mm) T&G OSB 1220 x 2440 &n...
From: Canada (5/2/2021)
[Buy]: Pine plywood
Need pricing on 12mmx1220mmx2440mm chip board and pine plywood. We will order 10000 sheets prepay delivered to Galveston Texas or Seattle Washington....
From: United States (5/1/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
A quote is required for 12 and 18mm plywood, bb / bb and bb / cp CIF Houston, Texas in 40ft containers. Thanks for your attention,   ------...
From: United States (4/30/2021)
[Buy]: White oak logs 3cf
We 're looking for white oak logs and we are looking for w oak....
From: Canada (4/29/2021)
[Buy]: Beam
I(phone:250 849 8485) am from Telus and looking for a stain grade beam that is 18 feet long, 1 inch high and 4 3/4 inch wide. Thank you ...
From: Canada (4/29/2021)
[Buy]: Spanish Cedar logs
Hello, Our chinese client that is interested in purchasing Spanish Cedar logs. They will cut and saw the material into the appropriate sizes for...
From: United States (4/29/2021)
[Buy]: Red cedar
I(tel:562-903-8900)need P&A on 3"x6" x 12' long 540 pcs and 4" x 6" x 12' long 240 pcs...
From: United States (4/29/2021)
[Buy]: Pine lumber
I would like to purchase a 40ft container of rough pine lumber to be exported to Kingston Jamaica thus, would love for your company to provide me wit...
From: United States (4/28/2021)
[Buy]: Yellow pine lumber and OSB
I would like to order 12mm OSB to USA standards and 2x4 10 feet long out of yellow pine 2x6 10 feet long out of yellow pine ...
From: United States (4/28/2021)
[Buy]: OSB & CSX plywood
Looking for OSB & CSX plywood, if u want to quote on the above, email me domestic or Nato countries of origin...
From: United States (4/28/2021)
[Buy]: 5/8" and 1/2" MDF
 I am looking for the company that I represent, a long-term relationship to supply MDF in the IPF, Super refined or HD. We would buy semi-lo...
From: United States (4/27/2021)
[Buy]: Lumber for construction
I am in need of buying lumber. Golden Construction Company Inc. 850-509-0376 ...
From: United States (4/27/2021)
[Buy]: Exterior plywood
I would like P&A for this item 1/2"x 4 ft x 8 ft MDO Fir exterior plywood i aide, i step sign grade ...
From: United States (4/27/2021)
[Buy]: Plywood
I need P& A for 600 sheets of plywood or OSB decking material 4' x 8' x 1/2"...
From: United States (4/27/2021)
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