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[Buy]: Millwork from Venezuela
We are importers of finished millwork into the U.S. We are currently contracting with a manufacturer in Venezuela, but we are interested in higher ca...
From: United States (1/18/2022)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus logs
Hello I am looking for Pine wood and eucalyptus wood logs for 15 000 M3 per month for 24 months. CIF China. Can you supply it ? Thank...
From: Canada (1/17/2022)
[Buy]: Engineered hardwood floors
I am looking for manufacturer of engineered hardwood floors....
From: Canada (1/17/2022)
[Buy]: Purchase hardwoods
I would like to discuss purchasing figured hardwoods from you....
From: United States (1/16/2022)
[Buy]: Plywood
In need of sea cans of plywood shipped to toronto....
From: Canada (1/16/2022)
[Buy]: Western red cedar
Do you sell and ship 4x6 cedar timbers to homeowners? If so, please provide pricing of 8 foot lengths and shipping costs to the Boston, ma area. than...
From: United States (1/15/2022)
[Buy]: OSB from Canada
hello, my company is interested in importing osb into the usa for use in construction. please contact me at this email if you are available to h...
From: United States (1/11/2022)
We need Walnut log for China market, if you have source could you please give us quotation?...
From: United States (1/11/2022)
[Buy]: Rough-Cut Cedar Timber
 I am looking to inquire about current cedar timber prices for rough-cut 2x4, 2x8, and 6x6. We are looking to make an order for timbers to be use...
From: Canada (1/7/2022)
[Buy]: Cabinetry products
I am looking to import Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinetry to the United States. Please let me know if you can supply.   ...
From: United States (1/7/2022)
[Buy]: Wooden candle holder products
I am an individual seller on Amazon. I would like to inquire about your wooden candle holder products.   do you have a catalogue with...
From: United States (1/5/2022)
[Buy]: Solid pine & fjp mouldings
Looking for new suppliers of solid pine / fjp lineal moulding...
From: United States (1/4/2022)
[Buy]: Replacement of Part Adjustable Puzzle Table
I recently received as a gift a #54307 Adjustable Puzzle Table supplied by Yangchun City Weilibang Wood Co., Ltd. Unfortunately I cannot assemble the...
From: United States (1/3/2022)
[Buy]: Oak and Walnut veneer Samples
We are currently designing a Hotel in the Red Sea and we are looking for Oak and Walnut veneer. Would you have a digital catalog we could look at and...
From: United States (1/3/2022)
[Buy]: Inquiry about your wood products and Megafolia trees
 Hello,  Would you please contact me with information about your Megafolia trees and wood products?  Thank you,  &n...
From: United States (1/3/2022)
[Buy]: Kitchen cabinets
We are interested in some fine kitchen cabinets to be created and installed in to a property in the UK and one in in the USA. I was hoping you had som...
From: United States (1/1/2022)
[Buy]: Logs of white oak, walnut
Looking for suppliers of white oak, walnut, and hickory logs for export. .....
From: Canada (1/1/2022)
[Buy]: SPF Lumber from Canada
I need SPF lumber 5 Containers on a monthly basis for my own projects in Pakistan.  Please let me know your interest , enabling us to commu...
From: Canada (12/29/2021)
[Buy]: Guitar Necks
Hello! I was wondering if there would be a way to get a quote for 2 Guitar necks probably manufactured in your facility. One under the Schecter Brand...
From: United States (12/27/2021)
[Buy]: Timber for Australia
My Cpmpany imports Timber from Eastern Europe Not good. Can I import Pine Timber from your Company to Australia? Would Cameroon Pine pass Australian...
From: United States (12/23/2021)
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