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[Buy]: Kelela boards
Looking to see what you have in stock particularly in Kelela boards. ...
From: United States (12/27/2023)
[Buy]: imorting petrified tables
We are importers of wood flooring from indonesia and would like to discuss importing Petrified wood tables ....
From: United States (12/27/2023)
[Buy]: Gibson Birds eye maple neck
I need a price for a Gibson Birds eye maple neck grade 5A...
From: United States (12/27/2023)
From: United States (12/20/2023)
[Buy]: Furniture
I am furnishing an Airbnb and would like to see your furniture catalog to order pieces. ...
From: United States (12/19/2023)
[Buy]: Coconut Decking and siding
 We need coconut decking and siding for repairs to our house in Paia, Hawaii. I can send more information and pictures if you can help with this...
From: United States (12/17/2023)
[Buy]: Guitar production
I’m in Toronto Canada I am looking to start a guitar company.  Looking to manufacture 7 and 8 string guitars can you have the appropriate perso...
From: Canada (12/15/2023)
[Buy]: Coffee grounds
We would like to import spent coffee grounds ("SCG") from soluble coffee manufacturers in Brazil to the East Coast of the U.S. The SCG needs to be dri...
From: United States (12/11/2023)
[Buy]: Plywood E2 glue and Particle Board 12mm
We are looking to buy the material for our production. But if we decide to work with your company, we would like to establish long term business...
From: Canada (12/9/2023)
[Buy]: CDX Plywood
Looking for CDX 5/8 plywood. Delivery is Miami...
From: United States (12/6/2023)
[Buy]: Olive wood
Do you guys carry live edge olive wood slabs?...
From: United States (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Solid wood snare drums
I have one and love it. Wanted to investigate what is available. Thank you,...
From: United States (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Black Palm: Iriartea Deltoidea
Looking for information on black palm lumber. need to know what sizes, if this is KD and milled or raw. If you just sell the log by itself and what th...
From: United States (12/4/2023)
[Buy]: Film faced plywood
I need a film faced plywood quoted - smooth top x matte finish on bottom - 39.50" x 21.75" x .75" x 14 pieces - film faced birch plywood - matte might...
From: United States (11/28/2023)
[Buy]: Sugar Pine
A while back (long while) 2 x 10 sugar pine. I was wondering if you had a source for that?...
From: United States (11/27/2023)
[Buy]: Hardwood floor
Hello, I would love to know your hardwood floor prices, may I kindly know your list prices. ...
From: United States (11/26/2023)
[Buy]: European boxwood
How much to purchase and ship to Canada one (1) 4x4" european boxwood. 8 or 12?" long log to fashion into wood engraving blanks. very small...
From: Canada (11/23/2023)
[Buy]: MDF
We are a large manufacturer of ready to assemble furniture in North America. Currently sourcing additional capacity of MDF board. Can you please advi...
From: Canada (11/17/2023)
[Buy]: Birch Veneer
Looking for birch veneer plywood made in Vietnam, B/BB grade, 3mm, 6mm and 18mm....
From: United States (11/15/2023)
[Buy]: Hardwood burls , Birch Burl
Im looking for the best furniture grade Burl boards preferably in hardwood. I am willing to pay well if the quality is good. Thanks...
From: United States (11/12/2023)
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