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[Buy]: Walnut slabs
Hello, interested in Walnut Slabs, Do you kiln dry slubs? Please call or email pricing and availability. ...
From: United States (9/21/2022)
[Buy]: Hardwood
Hi there I am looking for wood to make a military drill cane on a lathe. Wondering what you have available and if you ship to Canada. Thanks...
From: Canada (9/20/2022)
[Buy]: Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Oil, Olive Oil
Will like to make an inquiry in some products will like to purchase. However the management will like to receive a quote from your company , ...
From: United States (9/20/2022)
[Buy]: SPF Lumber
Hello,  Please send me a quote.  1. SPF Lumber 2. sawn and planks teak Thank you...
From: United States (9/19/2022)
[Buy]: Lmber and hardware information request
I am currently in the process of becoming a lumber and hardware merchant in Canada (Quebec). My main sector of activity is making wooden cutting...
From: United States (9/14/2022)
[Buy]: New Major Brand of Guitars - Large Quantities.
 Hello, we are a new company prepared to start up and invest heavily into a large run of several different designs of electric guitars and basses...
From: United States (9/9/2022)
[Buy]: Toung and grove supplier
I am looking for toung and grove lumber....
From: United States (9/8/2022)
[Buy]: Birch Veneer Long Grain
Hello   Interested in Rotary cut veneers 100% FSC, Birch 4 x 8 x 0.65 mm   thanks...
From: United States (9/7/2022)
[Buy]: Library Furniture
Looking for a manufacturer of school library furniture - Reading tables and Chairs. ...
From: Canada (9/7/2022)
[Buy]: Beech wood elements 63, 52 & 38 mm
Requesting quotation for white beech wood elements, grade A 63, 52 and 38 mm...
From: Mexico (9/6/2022)
[Buy]: Engineered Wood Flooring
Looking for oak and Maple Engineered Wood Flooring (3 Layers T&G). Please send me container load qty prices for South American market...
From: United States (9/2/2022)
[Buy]: Panel (cheyene) reclaimed solid
We are looking for supplier of panel (cheyene) reclaimed solid ....
From: Mexico (8/31/2022)
[Buy]: Cabinets to USA
I'm looking for 40' containers of hand loaded RTA cabinets. Gray and White color, shaker style. Please send pricing and lead times. Also where are the...
From: United States (8/30/2022)
[Buy]: Red oak, white oak and ash
We are seeking to purchase local hardwood logs, as well as sell hardwood lumber to foregn markets. Email: kevinwu2332@gmail.com Red Oak ...
From: Canada (8/24/2022)
[Buy]: Pine Plywood , film face plywood
Interested in getting pricing for loads of plywood 18mm , 15mm and film face plywood 15mm delivered to the usa ,  Please provide 2 references in...
From: United States (8/23/2022)
[Buy]: Import usa Spruce pine low grade
Hi I'm looking to import to usa  Low grade wood    Usa measurements  3x10 -10' 12' 14' 16'  2x4 - 10' 12' 16'  ...
From: United States (8/23/2022)
[Buy]: MDF Board
Would like to get details on how to order MDF board, size 4'x8' with 3/4" thickness.  Might need 15-25pcs and would like to have it shipped...
From: United States (8/21/2022)
[Buy]: White pine spruce wall nut
I am exporter from USA. I need logs and other wood stuff like white pine spruce wall nut etc. please send me details and price information thank you&n...
From: United States (8/18/2022)
[Buy]: Eastern White Pine lumber
Hello, We would like to export EWP amd SYP to Pkaistan, can you please let us know if you have any stock and price/CBM?...
From: Canada (8/17/2022)
[Buy]: Teak and Tali Wood
I'm interested in acquiring some woods, please contact me. Thank you!...
From: United States (8/17/2022)
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