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We are a trade company of wood flooring, we are intereseted in OAK multi-layer wood products....
From: Portugal (5/30/2022)
[Buy]: Bamboo products
We are an Austrian company looking for a new supplier of our bamboo products. We are selling Bamboo bathtub trays, for your reference, here is a link...
From: Austria (5/30/2022)
[Buy]: EPAL pallets
I want to make an order for 40.000 pallets every month, can you let me know how much the shipping cost will be to belgium zip code 7860 in lessines be...
From: Belgium (5/30/2022)
[Buy]: Europe pallets
We need europ pallets , 10 trucks ....
From: France (5/30/2022)
[Buy]: Joinery wood - OSB, MDF - construction lumber
We are a large timber and sheet material importer with branches in Manchester and Birmingham turning over approx. 40 million GBP per year . We are alw...
From: United Kingdom (5/30/2022)
[Buy]: Sawn timber and laminated scantlings
We are a company in Italy that trade in plywood, spruce, larch and Pine board, wood for windows (finger joint etc..) I would like to know the ran...
From: Italy (5/27/2022)
[Buy]: 100% Birch plywood panels
Dear Sir Did you have the time to study our quotation request for 1 truck to 5 trucks with delivery at Le Havre or Amsterdam ? Thank you in...
From: France (5/26/2022)
[Buy]: Poplar plywood
We are interested to buy poplar plywood....
From: Italy (5/25/2022)
[Buy]: PreFab Houses Project
Hello,  I am looking for a company with experience in producing pre fab / flat pack accommodation and although we wouldn't require single ho...
From: United Kingdom (5/25/2022)
[Buy]: Pallet
Our company is engaged in the production of construction materials. We also use pallets in our production process. Can you send me an e-mail, if you...
From: Bosnia and Herzegovina (5/25/2022)
[Buy]: Pine 1-4 s4s treated cl4
We have order for 3/4 containers fob in sizes 95*70 and 120*70 in lenghts mixed 3/3.6/4.8/5.4/6m   have you possibilities?   Best...
From: France (5/25/2022)
[Buy]: Finger jointer timber
We are are looking for a supplier from Vietnam to add to our excisting finger jointer timber range and are looking for material like rubberwood, bambo...
From: United Kingdom (5/24/2022)
Interest in Plywood in 12/15 and 18 mm and also in rotary cut venner.  best regards   ...
From: Portugal (5/23/2022)
[Buy]: Wood pellets
Hello My Company are interested for pellet 1000 kg big bang Request 1000 ton.White, 6 mm, DINplus, ENplusA1...
From: Italy (5/21/2022)
[Buy]: Shoe cabinet
We are a Belgian distribution company and wholesaler, we collaborate with more than 40 countries,, I take the liberty of sending you this letter to as...
From: Belgium (5/20/2022)
[Buy]: Request for beech elements
We are looking for beech elements with the following features.  We an Italian Company involved in Hardware and Furniture Market since 1991, expor...
From: Italy (5/20/2022)
[Buy]: Plywood
We're interested in purchasing full loads of interior E1 plywood (Birch/Alder).  12 mm thickness, format 1525 x 1525 mm, CP/CP (III/III) gra...
From: Bosnia and Herzegovina (5/19/2022)
[Buy]: Ash lumber
Looking for ash lumber edged or unedged in thickness 25/26mm. 200 m3 per month....
From: Poland (5/19/2022)
[Buy]: Robinia square sticks
We are looking for production facility that will continuously supply us with robinia square sticks with 22-25 mm thick. As a wholesaler of robinia woo...
From: Germany (5/19/2022)
[Buy]: Walnut and oak
Hello, Iam manufacturing massive table top 4 and 6 cm. I need walnut and if you have oak for table top manufacturing. Please reply me  ...
From: Turkey (5/19/2022)
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