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[Buy]: Veneer
Red Oak Flat Cut Veneer, 0.55 mm Thick. 150000 m2 every month...
From: Morocco (10/17/2023)
[Buy]: Spruce Wood Panels
Looking for new suppliers of spruce wood panels for products manufacturing.  Spruce wood panels  Quantity 150 m3  Joint continuou...
From: Netherlands (10/17/2023)
[Buy]: White ash strips
White ash strips, 30 mm thickness. Required 30 m3 per month....
From: Italy (10/17/2023)
[Buy]: Melamine Moulded Door
I am interested in Melamine Moulded Door.   – what is the present price of the following sizes ?  • 45*800*2000mm • 45*...
From: Hongkong (10/17/2023)
[Buy]: wood sawdust, wood shaving ,and wood pellet from Vietnam
Dear sir,  We want to buy wood sawdust, wood shaving and wood pellet from Vietname, Pls. link me to the factory with thanks ...
From: Thailand (10/17/2023)
[Buy]: Albasia Wood s4s
Inquiry of Albasia Wood s4s...
From: Indonesia (10/17/2023)
[Buy]: Wooden columns
Hello, I would like to know the price of electric wooden columns, especially for 10 meter long wooden columns, for reference. My orders always excee...
From: Egypt (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Marine plywood
Just ask if you have marine plywood or ordinary plywood 1"x 8 x4. That's a lot. Thank you.  -------------- ------------- magtatanong la...
From: Philippines (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Rattan furniture
Looking for rattan furniture manufacturer. Please whatsapp me - 4087975283...
From: United States (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Veneer
We want to purchase face and core veneer ....
From: Vietnam (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: oak shelves
Hi I am looking for 3 lengths of white/light oak to make into shelving im looking for 95 width, 250 depth and approx 35-40 mm thick...
From: United Kingdom (10/16/2023)
[Buy]: Need shuttering plywood 8x7'
We need shuttering plywood in large volumes.....
From: Uzbekistan (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Shutter componnets
I am looking for a factory who can supply Paulownia/poplar gesso primed shutter componnets, Louvers/Stiles/rails/Tilt rod/Frames etc. ask the proforma...
From: Canada (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Teak logs
Required african teak logs...
From: Bangladesh (10/15/2023)
[Buy]: Looking for various teak wood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Cherry,
Phone: +91 7620736987 Looking for various teak wood, Walnut, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Rosewood, Mahogany wood etc to import in India......
From: India (10/14/2023)
[Buy]: Some parts
We are a sandblasting company and source some parts from China. We have a container leaving in end of Oct from Qingdao and hve some space to fill up t...
From: Australia (10/14/2023)
[Buy]: Lasercut Arkitekladan
I would like to get a quotation for laser cutting of plywood and mdf, 3 mm.   See attached dxf for the design (ARKITEKTLADAN 20231012) ...
From: Sweden (10/13/2023)
[Buy]: Packing Wooden box & Crates
Dear Sir,  We need packing wood,wooden box & Crates for machine packing. Please contact,  If you are intested.  With regards,...
From: India (10/13/2023)
[Buy]: 21mm Flooring plywood
Enquiry: 110 sheets x 21mm flooring plywood...
From: Vanuatu (10/12/2023)
W are looking for new suppliers of hardboard....
From: Australia (10/12/2023)
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