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[Buy]: Teak
I am looking for a exporter of teak and sawn teak by sizes . If yes,please let me known......
From: United States (8/5/2019)
[Buy]: Green heart
Looking for green heart wood and ship to ship to barbados  ......
From: Guyana (8/5/2019)
[Buy]: Tropical wood
I would like to find a company :  1. Do you have a wood dryer? How much do you charge for cubic feet of wood drying?  2. If I have the wood, could you, as...
From: Panama (8/5/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar logs
Our client wants the logs of cedar to musical instruments, so they will need several containers each year. I am looking forward to hearing from you.  Thank...
From: Canada (8/3/2019)
[Buy]: Deodar wood
Dear sir We are looking for high volume deodar approx 20,000cft Pls provide me with an offer if you can thanks .....
From: India (8/3/2019)
[Buy]: Teak wood
I want to find a supplier of sawn and planks teak from Colombia......
From: United States (8/3/2019)
[Buy]: Douglas Fir sawn cut MDF
Looking for Douglas Fir sawn cut MDF 1" thick good 2 sides, or veneer sheet. .....
From: Canada (8/3/2019)
[Buy]: Birchwood logs
 We are a company based in India and We Would like to import Birchwood logs .Please send us your lowest offer CIF Chennai India asap. .....
From: India (8/2/2019)
[Buy]: Roble Flormorado. IPE, Guayacan bola & puy, ebony, Pau Fer
We have doing the South Amercians woods as mentioned for above mentioned items mainly as per our concern, we are the agent with our supplierand importing the wood ty...
From: Hongkong (8/1/2019)
[Buy]: Teak wood logs
I need African teak wood logs which should be premium and I need in L/C and send the price. .....
From: India (8/1/2019)
[Buy]: Pinus radiata ,slash pine and scots pine.
We have a very large demand for logs of Pinus radiata and Pinus elliottii every month ,requirement : Fresh cut ,KIS grade better ,whole sale of the frost can also b...
From: China (8/1/2019)
[Buy]: Plywood & Veneer
I am Alex from Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation, which is located in Chinese mainland. Now we have a real estate project in Saint Lucia, we want to purchase...
From: China (8/1/2019)
[Buy]: Tropical wood
I need wood type ( teak. afzelia . balsa. frake. sipo .abura .....etc) please send me your price in cubic meters to all you have wood type because i our compan...
From: Kuwait (8/1/2019)
[Buy]: Lancewood
Just wondering the availability and price of Lancewood......
From: Australia (7/31/2019)
[Buy]: Ash Logs
Dear Sir! We import Ash Logs from Europe and retail in local. Now I want to buy Ash Logs form EURO without intermediaries. Would you be kind enough to prov...
From: Vietnam (7/31/2019)
[Buy]: FSC certified red cedar
Hello,  I am looking for FSC certified red cedar to be used for our furniture company based in Lima, Peru. Please send me an offer and we can continue the conve...
From: United States (7/31/2019)
[Buy]: Teak wood
we need rough square teak wood with girth 80 to 89 destination CIF Mangalore, India Pls, revert asap. Regards  .....
From: India (7/30/2019)
[Buy]: looking for Australia Pine logs only
I am looking for pine logs from Australia only, 1000 CBM per order, anyone can supply please contact me, thanks.....
From: Australia (7/30/2019)
[Buy]: Wall panels
Hello, I am interested in wall panels, please contact us for details.Thanks.....
From: Cayman Islands (7/30/2019)
[Buy]: Logs
Hi i need to have information about low grade logs to produce firewood in our country. And do you have debarking service for purchased logs? Thank you .....
From: Turkey (7/30/2019)
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