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[Buy]: Masonry heater kits
We are looking for a manufacturer of masonry heater fireplace kits......
From: Canada (5/1/2019)
[Buy]: Bamboo solid blocks
Dear Sirs,  I would be interested in buying Bamboo which is pressed to solid blocks, which is used to produce flooring. I will produce items which will be...
From: Turkey (5/1/2019)
[Buy]: Short length veneer
I am looking for short length veneer for our plywood manufacturing......
From: Pakistan (4/30/2019)
[Buy]: Sawn timber
Currently, we have an on going project at Damansara. The product that we need timber such as 1)1"x2"x8'up 2)2"x3"x8' up 3)3"x4"x8'up  These...
From: Malaysia (4/30/2019)
[Buy]: Solid Laminating Board
Dear sir, We are interested in buying solid laminated boards. Kindly get back to us if you can supply......
From: Cameroon (4/30/2019)
Pls send to me your quotation of white oak plank, thickness 16/32/50mm, width 100+mm, lenght 2050+mm; kiln dry; quality 1C - 2C. FOB price  .....
From: Vietnam (4/30/2019)
[Buy]: Eu pallets 1200x800
Hi im interested of buying eu pallet 1200x800 used 2-3grade 1-5 trucks weekly . what is the best price you can offer shipping to Sweden Malm .....
From: Sweden (4/28/2019)
[Buy]: Merbau sawn timber
We are sourcing for reliable and sincere merbau sawn supplier. If you are truly in position to supply, please kindly contact me.. Thanks   Bryan.L hp/whats...
From: Malaysia (4/28/2019)
I LOOKING FOR TEAK WOOD IN ROUGH SQUARE as well as in swan. looking for exporter who can ship to INDIA CIF. pricing should be good enough. .....
From: India (4/28/2019)
[Buy]: Rough Timbers
We are looking for 1000 of 15cmX15cmX360cm timber which are qualified A.W.P.A C2 and P5. If you can supply us please let us know. Best regards .....
From: Korea, South (4/27/2019)
[Buy]: Iroko round logs
I want to buy Iroko round logs. The diameter of the log is greater than 80 cm. .....
From: Taiwan (4/27/2019)
[Buy]: Softwood lumber 6/4 x 8
I want to purchase softwood lumber 6/4 x 8 for my project......
From: United States (4/26/2019)
[Buy]: Unedged Steam Beech
I require for unedged steam beech in Indian Market.  Product- Unedged Steam Beech  THICKNESS: 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm LENGTH- 2....
From: India (4/26/2019)
[Buy]: Birch bark
We import Birch Bark in large quantity.it should be 10cm wideth and at least 30 cm lang.It should in bale.Please submit us your offer.We are waiting for your prompt...
From: China (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Wooden door
We purchase 90 minutes fire resistant wooden doors. Kindly provide us the price for wooden door, 90 min. fire rated.   Regards .....
From: Saudi Arabia (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Lower Grade Plywood
We are looking for 2 kinds of plywood Carb P2 Plywood C/D Grade (12mm and 18mm thickness)  Carb P2 Plywood, 1 face good / without back veneer ( 12mm and 1...
From: Philippines (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Eucalyptus wood chips
Dear Sir/Madame  I'm searching for the eucalyptus wood chips for pulp making.  Could you please give me a quotation in CFR Jingjiang port (in Jiangsu...
From: China (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Cedar lumber
I am looking for a price on some cedar 28 - 4x4 by 8 feet and 112 - 2x6 by 10 feet long  Thanks .....
From: Canada (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Yellow Poplar Logs/Tulip Poplar Logs
We are looking for suppliers of yellow poplar logs/Tulip Poplar Logs. .....
From: Singapore (4/25/2019)
[Buy]: Merbau Decking
We'd like to import Merbau decking to S.Korea. If you can supply Merbau to us, please contact us......
From: Korea, South (4/25/2019)
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