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The Hengda Wood Products Co. Ltd. is a leading wood product manufacturer in China. Over the past decade, the products of Hengda Wood Ltd. have been exported to more than 10 Countries including the United States, Japan and Korea.

The Company抯 products vary from molding, furniture, to wood craft. The most popular products can be found at the company抯 webpage (www.hengdawood.com). Henda Wood can always make specified product to satisfy different consumer needs. China Fir and Paulownia are the main wood sorts that have been using.

Hengda Wood Co. Ltd possesses a territory of 100,000 Sq.m which including 35,000 Square Meters of construction land, located at the National Paulownia woodwork base, Cao County, Shandong Province, P.R.China.
The company抯 products can mainly be divided into seven categories:
?Wood Craft

The main raw wood materials that we are using for these products are Paulownia, China Fir, Poplar, Mongolian Pine, Montery Pine, Chinese Cedar, and Mongolian Oak.

See our web page (www.hengdawood.com) for detailed product information, and remember that we can always make products based on your specification.
Value Proposition
Raw wood material specialties: Paulownia and China Fir are mostly used in our products.
Paulownia is moisture resistant, stable, insect resistant, strong and lighter than any other US grown commercial timber.
China Fir is strongly resistant to rot, insects, and termites. It is soft but durable, ideal for outdoor fence/furniture, and for constructing buildings/bridges/ships etc.
Quality: Avanced manufacture equipments and processing technologies make the factory operation meet ISO9001 requirement. Quality is always the number one priority for the company.
Price: We offer highly competitive price to benefit our customer. In turn, the long stable relationship with customers benefits the company.
Do Business with Hengda Wood
揃etter quality, competitive price?is the promise of Hengda Wood to our customers. In order to serve our U.S. customers better, we just opened a U.S. office.
Please contact us to discuss the possibility of doing business with us, check out us by requesting quotes and samples. We are looking forward to serving you!

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China Phone: 86-530-374-2188 Fax: 86-530-376-3255

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